Friday, June 27, 2008

The Compilation of Ideas

I will soon have to compile a list of persons of Cultural interest who will make up next year's residents, this, off-course, will depend on their acceptance. With funding not yet secured the residents will have to pay for this trip themselves. They will have to see the importance in it so as to be able to give it their time. I am not apart from such works of self duty, having to work for something you see value in. The only thing I can provide right now, with regards to cost, is a remarkable price for lodging. They will pay about half the price they would pay for any other opportunity of the sort, so on this I feel there is already a high incentive being presented.

The compilation of ideas, as the tittle suggests, will come from different artist. This to me is the interesting space, prior to the physical space the residence itself occupies. Choosing persons who will come together is very important. Arranging a group who will accent each other will bring about a cohesion that can be strong and influential in the island. They may choose to be more closely productive based on that cohesion. They may find the connection in their practice and attitudes to be advantageous; abling them to push their elements and processes of creativity to different thinking localities, ale then to create interesting work. But something also has to be said about partly discarding the attitude for 'matching people.' How will they behave with inherent frictions in their works and personalities. Dialogue is a very important part of this residency and dialogue happens in many different ways, even the act of ignoring is a method of communicating. People react to spaces of unease, and discomfort, great work also comes from this. I do want there to be a level of individuality, this is the reason why there are encouragements for individual studies while in the island. I hope this will allow residents to space out, branch into their own moads of adjustment and investigation. All this is without the adjoining element of the Cape Verdean Creatives. They too will have their distinct attitudes. Language will come in to play when accessibility and is favored based on immediate conversation and understanding. The simplicity on their end is that they are Cape Verdean and they live there, but these coming residents are multi-disciplined and international; they will first have to study each other, and then be studied themselves, while studying practically everything else.

My mind is gearing up for this. I will soon write a list and compile the necessary fronts for a productive 09 residency. There were Creatives of the islands who actually asked for certain types of people to come, people that would most likely benefit them, or their parties, be it dancers, writers, etc... but I won't let this determine the group. The persons of residence will already be different in practices, and seeing as one of my goals is the opening of disciplines, having someone work with what they have may prove more beneficial when it comes to opening one's practice. The Artist in that sense of department and definition will no longer be, it is the Creative who will motivate the new highly discursive art works of the new millennium.

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