Monday, February 6, 2012


Today I heard from a very good friend of mine, who spoke with conviction, attentive to something which must have been on his mind for more than a thinking minute.  He spoke of greed, and with the most honest of questionings he pondered over one of our truest threat.  He wondered of the devastation greed has and will continue to have upon us.  It is of a high sin, made real and forwarded through all old texts and yet we see it rise like a death flame and seek selfishly to be touched by it.  It is a strange beast, full of lure, all the while it seeks and destroys, like some vengeful spirit once done wrong.
I have set forward my life as an adult with a highest respect for those who do and who seek nothing but continued activity of the strongest and most selfless ways.  I seek guidance in the simplicity which is truth and in the easiness of a genuine smile (that I seek to receive daily and which I bestow abundantly).  I grow more aware of the difficulties of this beast, for it beats at my door daily when I reach for that which I don't need but want so urgently! It is so that I feel to bring others around me, those who care and act, who participate and share, who, like myself, try to harden the chest which keeps this Greed at bay...may we succeed in our in-devours, or be taken away having fought off its gripping venom. 

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