Saturday, August 1, 2009

The site is up!

Well, some time has passed since my last post, but no time has been wasted! The official CICER website is up and running, although with some slight miss-steps, but its function is erect!
There, persons of interest will be able to review previous residencies and access information on what the residency is about; if they are new to the game!
It has been some labor putting it up, mostly labour that is not part of the residency, working and organizing ones personal life, but when possible the gears have been pushed so they can produce the best possible speed; the site is up and that is great.

I am now aligning residents for next year, those who will be invited. Next year is an 'invitation only' event. There will four weeks of residency compared to the normal five weeks which will be the norm for the following years.
We will also have six residents instead of the usual five. By having an invitation only crew I will be able to run a second pilot, where their concerns about the running and functioning of the residency will enable CICER to be better prepared for it's official inauguration in 2011. Application will be accepted for that year towards the end of 2010.

Well, that is it for the moment, though there is much more to say, sometimes less is best! Glad to be rolling again, glad the project continues!

Check back soon, and don't forget to visit us officially at

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